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Bura is a wind which sweeps down the coastal hills and mountain ranges, coming from the north-east and is the strongest of the prevailing Adriatic winds. It is a cold, dry wind, generally blowing in gusts reaching occasionally storm strength. It usually blows for a number of hours. It brings good weather, cleans the atmosphere resulting in clear visibility and sunny days. At open seas, Bura usually turns to a north-westerly wind. While sailing in Bura, the sailors should be prepared for a number of tacks and adjust themselves to the possibility of sudden bursts of wind force.


Jugo is a moist warm wind blowing from the south-east and occurs throughout the year along the Croatian coast. It gradually picks up in force and is announced by a murky horizon in the south-east and mist. It brings clouds, falling air pressure and higher humidity with rainfall. In cases of strong or stormy Jugo, very high waves are common. Due to Jugo blowing with constant force with uniform wavelengths, sailing is very dynamic and fast.


Maestral blows from the north-west on open seas and is a typical summer wind. It is a thermal wind, usually starting around 11 am and ending in the late afternoon. It is a sign of stable and good weather and is perfect for sailing due to its uniform strength.


Tramontana is a northerly wind which is a sign of a passing cold front. It can quickly reach storm strength and results in high waves. It usually last for a day and a half and turns to Bura.


Lebić is also called Garbin. It blows mostly from southwest and can last for two days, sometimes reaching storm strength. In cases of sudden storm (generally called Nevera) in some parts of Adriatic it can reach short term storm strength.


Levanat is a strong cold and moist wind blowing from the east and is a combination of Bura and Jugo.


Oštro is a wind blowing from the south, characterized by humidity and warmth.


Pulenat is a wind blowing from the west, occurring more often in the north Adriatic. It can be quite strong and may bring a sudden storm (Nevera) with a short rainfall and should be taken with caution.

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